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Mon. Apr 19th, 2021
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Removing Tree Stump Manually

Removing big trees from your yard requires a lot of effort and proper technique. While cutting down the branches inch by inch and then finally getting rid of the tree seems to be a doable job. Getting rid of the tree stump is the real challenge that you are left behind with.

However, fret not! If you have a tree stump in your yard and want to take it out to replace it with a new tree then you can definitely do it. Provided you have to follow some steps for tree stump removal Philadelphia or in any other location.

Below we have listed down a step-by-step guide for removing tree stump manually. Continue until the end to find out.

  1.   Dig around the stump

You cannot target on digging out the stump directly. First, you have to loosen up the big chunk of the stump so that you can carry on with other steps. You have started off by digging around the stump.

Using a shovel dig the soil next to the stump in a full circle so that you are exposing the underlying roots. Continue to dig through the dirt till you find the largest root that is holding the stump to the ground.

Dig them up as much as you can on either side of the stump so that you are exposing it to the furthest.

  1.   Cutting up the roots

Now that you have exposed the big chunk of root holding the stump it’s time to cut up those roots. You have to use root saw or loppers to cut them. Make sure to cut them into pieces for precise removal.

Toss them into a pile neatly so that it is easier for you to see and make the root system visible to you. It is recommended to avoid using an axe chop through the roots as it may get stuck or may hit a rock accidentally.

  1.   Pulling out the cut roots

Now that you have cut through the roots, using a grub hoe you are required to pull them out and the other embedded roots that are there. If you feel like there are more roots left then make sure to cut them out as it will make the removal process easier.

Keep going with the process of cutting and pulling out the major root. This will loosen up the stump and will make the task much easier for you.

  1.   Remove the stump out of the ground

Finally, after all the cutting and pulling off the roots, you’ll notice that the stump is now easily dislodged. Using a shovel dig underneath the stump. You may find a few roots there so make sure to cut them out.

At the end, all you are left is the stump which you can chop up and remove easily.


Now, we agree the above listed steps require a lot of manual labour, however, it is the right approach for tree stump removal Philadelphia or in any other location. If you don’t have enough manual labour then make sure to hire an expert tree service company that will do an excellent job of stump removal.

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