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Detect Spying Activities On Your Android Devices

Normally no one can imagine a scenario like someone might have been spying on their smartphone, until or unless they are some big personality like a king or queen or high ranked government officer or president of some state etc. But with all the realities of life, these are not only possible reasons and common normal man or a woman can also get a spyware attack.No negativity should be attached with this as the spp app installed in your smartphone might be from your worried parent or your employer, etc. But intrusion throughs the android spy app is a common thing and you can easily detect the presence of monitoring software on your android device. And its everyone right to protect their privacy and personal information so we are gonna tell you some signs and symbols that you can easily notice on your phone with the android spy app OgyMogy features which shows possible spyware attack on your device.

Are You Receiving Weird Text Messages

If you receive a random text that shows some numerics, random emoticons or symbols, letters or number patterns, etc then you might be under attack by a spy app, and third-degree spy app that too I may add. As these kinds of apparent code words are used by third-degree monitoring spy apps that are of not high quality. They use it to communicate with their features etc, in case of some malfunctioning. So a weird text message can be a sign of spying activity on your android device.

Do You Hear Strange Sounds In Your Calls:

Another possible sign of third party intrusion is the interruption of strange sounds like beeps or weird distant voice during a phone call. These days we have a strong telecommunication sector and which have attained various technological advancement. Thus a clear voice in a phone call is a must-have in this digitally advanced era. So if you are hearing strange sounds then it might be due to the monitoring app installed on the smartphone.

Having Trouble in Shutting Down?:

If you try to shut down your phone and face trouble in this simple task then it is another sign of spyware. Having trouble in shutting down can be a possible sign as the monitoring apps usually work in the background, thus it stops the owner of the phone to completely shut down the phone device. Thus if instead of a completely dark screen a dull reflective light keeps coming out of the screen then it is because of the spy app working in the background.

Is Your Phone Taking Longer Closing Time Than Usual:

A mobile phone closes all the apps before shutting down just like a computer system. It takes some time to close all the active apps etc. So normally a long time means the phone is trying to close all the apps that also include the spy app working actively in the background. You can check this by performing a small experiment. Just try to call someone, a friend, or a closed family, and then after the call ends, try to shut down the phone immediately. If it takes a longer time than usual it means the spying app is busy in saving the recent data i.e your call record and that’s why it is taking longer than the usual time to properly shut down.

Is Your Phone Cease To Respond Quite Frequently:

The latest smartphones have high speed and got large memory .i.e they have high built-in software and got high-quality hardware. Thus despite these qualities, if your phone is frequently freezing and ceasing to respond inputs then some third party might have been controlling your phone remotely. Android spy apps usually lessen the speed of the smartphone.

Are You Facing High Data Consumption Issue:

Usually, the android spy app work in a way that they save all the information gathered from the target person’s phone and then send it to the third-party user. Thus they consume data coverage for this purpose. So if your smartphone is consuming more data then usual it might be due to installed spy app. Low-quality spy apps consume more data as compare to 1st-grade monitoring software. With these simple yet clear signs, you can check if someone is spying on you.

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